Steven Rivas

a.k.a. IntrepidSteven from Los Angeles

member since: September 20th, 2012

So many talented people here and I walk among them: Born in the park of Kingsgrass I grew up surrounded by Monsters; Dragons, Deities and Danger. I fight with words and roar like a bellowing trumpet ripping apart the seams of time and space. I enjoy the company of friends and am wary of strangers. I wish I was a king, not a real one because that responsibility is too enormous but one who can have his own cul-de-sac and run it as he pleases. I have walked the roads of Anduin to Mordor and watched it burn. I don't like being here but I have wonderful moments of reflection that I appreciate more when I return safely. I miss my birds, they flew off with jetpacks..

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4 years ago

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