in the book: Sharky

on: 2012-12-11 08:18:42

Ronzy: oh my god I'm a disease!!! And I read it like 5 times to make sure I wouldn't do a typo again... What. The. Heck.
surasshu: Maybe the typos are an artistic choice! :3
arrangemonk: welcome to the land of dyslexia, eiter you live with it, or you copy paste words from dictionarys
Ronzy: Dyslexia does sound like a country name. But.. what I need is someone to slap me whenever I write something wrong. That always works.
Mave: This is actually fairly common when doing this kind of design. The problem is that the text is not written how your hand would write normal text, so you're so focused on designing the look of one specific letter, that you mentally lose track of the word. It's not being written by muscle memory anymore, and it becomes much easier to think ahead and not even realize we've missed a letter. At least, that's why my mind does, and why I often make this mistake. Still an awesome panel.
Ronzy: @Mave Very true. My only hope is that people will read it without noticing as if 'R' was there. You know, how the brain can read those "wrods wtih ltteers taht are mssilpaecd" :D
Mave: I didn't notice it until you pointed it out :P
Ronzy: Me and my big mouth...