in the book: Let's make a Dungeon

on: 2017-01-25 03:41:11

ybbgames: troll... so dumb
Goku: Instead of actually waiting for someone to respond, you instead jump to the point. It's not my fault the owner thought this was meant to be a troll and should have instead said something along the lines of "Are you trolling?" I would have responded with "No, I'm just trying to make the floor golden" then live on with my day.
Goku: Plus, why was there a door at the end? Gerome4Life should've added that in. A door always = a boss. I dont know why he decided to end the infinite dungeon.
Gerome4Life: @Goku I'm ending this dungeon for a while because I'm working for the boss stage. I'm going to let this continue if I finished the boss stage.