in the book: Let's make a Dungeon

on: 2017-01-25 03:39:17

Smirgow: Think a picture of the actual boss would have been better..
ybbgames: yeah seriously - what the hell? Why take 3 panels and just dump shit on them like this? No wonder this place is so quiet - there is no way to protect projects from trolls like this- this was my first contribution and im already annoyed and wanting to leave- there should be a way to vote these off or give the project starter / owner the ability to delete them... lame
Goku: I would actually finish the boss battle if it wasn't for the fact that the owner of the book didn't end it, if I just drew it by itself no one would know it was actually supposed to be a boss battle, it would have the same message as that one snake and mage you made fight each other. I thought since I didn't want it to be another normal room, but instead an actual boss battle and also wanted the dungeon to continue, I decided to put it in big red letters in order for you to know it's a boss and that it's only the 1st one.
Goku: Plus, dont gang up on someone for making a tiny mistake, it was gonna be a golden floor and it was gonna have the boss on it. The owner of the book thought it was a good idea to just end it instead of allowing me to finish it, I was gonna finish drawing it, I noticed no one was making any changes to the book, I questioned it considering how popular the book was, checked, and in a big giant black box on the last panel it said "The end"
Smirgow: Just saying some fancy walls at the edges - just as the owner seems to be doing now - would have been sending the message of a big, special room better than a yellowish panel with nothing in it.
Goku: Smirgow at least you seem somewhat reasonable. I was gonna make the text smaller, but I had 2 minutes left and wanted to finish the boss. I wrote down the letters, left the house, came back to finish it (or hoping for someone to finish it for me) but I saw it was locked.
Goku: I have a question though, why did you add the door? I thought Gerome4Life got to choose when the door was added. But eh, that's none of my buisness.
Smirgow: Dungeons tend to have doors to many different rooms, thus I added one. Not seen any rules to making the dungeon.
Gerome4Life: @Smirgow and @Goku The boss stage is almost finished two more panels then I'll let anyone draw