in the book: The awesome adventures of Rudy the Flying squirel

on: 2016-05-03 08:54:22

bookinbear: What is happening
bookinbear: I mean, sure I know what is happening, but this is weird
Hydra: Well if I get the chance to I'd like to see skully left in that dimension by rudy and billy because skully has such a sad purpose normally, just digging in a desert. So, what if he "got a life"? AND. It's goofy humor and fun to say "BUM". Say it with me. BUMMMMMMMMM.
Hydra: Also Skully normally doesn't have a bum and he/ it/ she's amused.
bookinbear: No way, Skully needs to go with them! ( I think I might have plans for him when I get the chance)
Xrott: I didn't want to be this negative anymore and I'm really sorry, but I don't like the direction this is going at all.

In my opinion this completely goes against the feel and tone of the rest of the comic. Pretty much because it is a completely different comic.

This hard of a shift in both setting and art style is really disruptive and makes the comic feel inconsistent and hard to follow.
Now, I'm not saying that this couldn't be done. If it was just for a quick joke that doesn't last longer than one or two panels, for example, it might have worked, but this is already going on far too long for that.

Also, and I know that this is very subjective, but I don't feel like you captured the personalities of this comic's characters very well.

Again, sorry if I'm being too harsh.
Hydra: Well It's a Jam not a plan so. You can pick it up, change it. It's a kind of do what you like kind of a fluid improv thing. I don't object, you can play with what's there or bend it another way.
Hydra: Xrott. You can take it any time. Make it better if you don't like it. If you don't take it, maybe somebody else will. SO, flex those fingers and get to it. or you could lock me out of it I suppose but remember if you put too tight a squeeze on fun, it stops.
Xrott: Yes, this is a jam, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to respect the people before you and the work they have put in.

Look, I really don't want to tell you to not have fun, I just want you to be a bit more mindful of what the others have already done and look at the comic as a whole.

Once a book goes "off the rails", it's very difficult to bring it back around and most of the time it will irreparably damage it, which wouldn't be fair to the people that just wanted to make a great story.

So again, please, in the future, respect the people before you and the comic they created.
Hydra: Xrott. I see nothing objectionable about what I've done . I'm actually happy with it. If I hadn't read your comment I would have just carried on. If you don't like it, have an admin remove it or ban me or whatever.I had a look at your work and I don't see you being any more qualified as a critic than anyone else. Other than that, you can suck on my ass. No offense. BTW please have someone direct me to the site rules.
Xrott: You might not find anything objectionable about your panels and that's the exact reason why I'm telling you.
This is what a critique is. Granted, it could have been a bit more constructive, but I gave you something to think about and maybe take away from.

At the end of the day, you can take it or leave it.
I can't, and don't even want to, force you to do anything. All I want is to make you aware that someone might not agree with what you're doing and make you think about the reasoning behind it.

Also, I might not be, as you say, "more qualified as a critic" as anyone else, but that's the great part about critiques: everyone is "qualified" for it.

And it's also not about being "against the rules" it's, in my opinion, about common courtesy and respect towards other's work.

As a side note, if someone's first instinct is going "what is happening," it's never a good sign. Maybe think about that too.
Hydra: Ok I get it, you're a trollish little control freak with a stick up your bum. This is my constructive critique of you. You anticipated "where I was going" Having only the fore knowledge as to where as a secondary to telling bookin' where I was going. Sometimes story can be a problem and in this format , it's UP TO YOU to solve if you see a problem. I have no fear of sculpting a story wherever it's going, if it's too tough for you, keep doing what you're doing which is 1.moan about someone else and 2.NOTHING. Contribute or shut the hell up. Don't try to direct people by passive aggressively going "oh nooo I don't like this at all" and try to suggest that I'm trampling on others work by doing what I like. I'm not making dick pics or dead stopping. They are the same characters they look like girls now. I've maintained the continuity, each character retains enough identifiable characteristics. In my opinion you don't know what you're talking about. That said , my dad has trouble with working out time travel films or murder mysteries or anything that's slightly non linear. Ok, basically he's fine as long as they look funny and sing but then again he's 93.
Xrott: Yes, you're right, I can be too controlling sometimes. Thank you for pointing it out. I'll try to keep that in mind in the future!
Ronzy: I actually find this to be a typical WDC plot twist. It isn't a mean dumb dick drawing like there used to be. Humangirl-Rudy was very in character. Rudy has had so many personality changes throughout the whole comic you really don't know were to take him anymore. This is as linear as WDC can get. Enjoy the boldness and fight with your imagination. Everything is possible! <3
ShuGGaH: I agree with Xrott. ._.
Outer: After reading everything, I am sitting in the middle. I started this comic with no specific story arc in mind. I let people go wild with their imagination. For some reason, it became this HUGE comic, kept alive for years, and that is all thanks to everyone of you. I don't mind the Girl transformation part, as long as the main characters eventually get back on track to find the magical eggs and Leaf from the tree of life, since it's the only way Billy can maybe get his parents back :) Let's have fun now !
Hydra: I honestly don't understand the reason for this kind of criticism. On any comic jam I've participated in in the past. You're lucky to get any kind of story out of it. It's nice to have a pretty comic but that's never been the goal of a comic jam. It's about trying to make each other laugh and have a good time as well as getting to try out other people's characters, be creative, learn some techniques, compete a little. There's no judges or directors or even a plan for an actual ending. it just stops when people get bored of it. There's even other jam methods like start in the middle and work your way to a beginning and an end or start at the end and work your way to a beginning. To me it's been like a combination of musical jam and improv comedy. in improv comedy NOBODY goes "stop that, it's not funny." It's about working together, be generous and don't stomp on people's ideas." I don't plan to treat this like a job or be critical (because I can be) You want me to be tightly critical of your staging, drawing skills, storyboarding or even just "I don't like it"? How much editing should I suggest? I like being recreational about it. Work is very stressful. If you WANT a planned scripted piece, write a story, make a rough book divide it up among trusted artists see if anyone volunteers to do things your way and label your project accordingly so nobody gets all jumped up, out of control and creative. PS if you want me to take your criticism seriously. PAY ME!
Outer: Don't let it get to you man, It's okay if some people don't agree with a certain story arc. Let them vent. You can completely ignore it if you want, or take some kind of advice from it. In the end, it won't matter, you will do what you want. I agree on the fact that this is a public place, open to all kinds of creativity. You have to take into account that this story has been going on for years and people grew fond of it, so if you remove the original characters and change the story arc abruptly, you might get some reactions... It's okay to go crazy though, i personally kind of like the originality of your idea :) Let's all have fun, and lets all be adults about the situation <3
majicrobot: Its fuckin great! This is the best WDC in my opinion ever. Just nuts where it goes. What a crazy twist to appear in "real" cartoon world... gotta kinda Cool World feel about it. Its sick.