in the book: That New Party Jam

on: 2016-04-06 22:28:56

Thorsini: Any advice on how to get a wacom plugin working again would be super helpful. I'm googling it as I speak.. but it's been forever since I doodled with pressure sensitivity online XD
bookinbear: I still find how to get the plugin working confusing, but I'm 90% certain it requires you to be using Firefox and that you need to go into firefox's settings and allow the use of the plugin. As for getting it in the first place, I think you search 'Wacom web plugin', and you should be able to find something called doodle I think... I'm currently away from home, so I can try and give you a better explanation tomorrow if that doesn't make any sense, though I hope it does help .
taylorgoff235: Bookinbear is right. Its weird, but what I did was go on this site: On firefox and click 'Scribble' or 'canvas' (apparently I did both, but I'm 90% sure its scribble) and then allow the plugin to work on the browser. Just sort of worked here after that