in the book: A Day in the Life of T.V. Head

on: 2016-04-01 18:34:13

stalincars: Not the best panels I've ever done but I wanted to keep the story moving.
bookinbear: Ooh, is this to make him look like how he did in that picture you did the other day?
stalincars: I kinda felt like T.V. head was too much on top the whole fight and I wanted mess him up a little bit. That being said I kinda see him as a sorta one punch man kind of character who simply cannot lose. As for my other picture I'm not sure if T.V. head should be a robot or a human with a tv for a head (like in DIYE's original panels) I was just messing around when I did that.
bookinbear: Well you've done so much on this comic that I kinda always half viewed it as yours anyway, and his appearance really changed when he went into the mech, so maybe he is robotic? I dunno, but it's looking cool