in the book: doodle

on: 2016-03-31 14:30:03

bookinbear: This invitation is open to any WDC user, so please feel free to join.

The Skype group is just a way of linking users together more, if you don't want to join calls or anything then there's no need, though I personally am always up for a chat either verbally or by text.

We have also been using this thing called Drawpile, which is a real-time cooperative drawing thing which can be pretty fun, and we can organise sessions of that via Skype as well.

My personal Skype username is BookinBear, so please contact me an I can add you to the group, though tell me who you are when you send a request.
stalincars: I'm interested though I work long hours so I'm often too tired to do things like Skype but draw drawpile looks interesting. My alt Skype username is Stalin-Cars add me if you want!
bookinbear: Sent you an invite.
bookinbear: Hey StalinCars, I just thought I'd say that I'm not sure if you got my invite, as you never replied either here or on Skype. Just reminding you cos it'd be pretty cool if you joined