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on: 2016-03-15 16:05:41

Outer: I noticed a huge spike in quality on WDC. NIce work.
Xeno_Mezphy: Goofus says, "I noticed a huge spike in quality since you joined the site."

Gallant says, "You're a really good artist and I appreciate that you're here."

This is exactly the kind of language that makes people afraid to draw. You can say this is good without saying everything else is worse. I worry about the standoffishness of some of the users of the site and it's effect on the userbase. It's actually a bit of a trend on art sites and it's bad for creating a culture of creativity and experimentation. It just bums me out is all.
Xeno_Mezphy: That said, I'm going to keep drawing at the level I feel like drawing and I don't care if it doesn't meet the quality criteria of anyone anywhere and neither should anyone else (unless you're being paid, then do your job well).
Outer: You took this way too personal buddy :) I've seen a lot of dicks, random scribbles, and even panels that destroyed super cool ungoing comics. It's a lack of respect towards all the other people that actually try their best, and most of the time, it shows. I'm with you when you say that people need to stay creative and do whatever they want and experiment as they like, but to me, there's a limit. What i meant by quality spike, is not that He's the only other good artist, i mean he's part of it, What makes this site great is that people draw together to make interesting comics that could not be possible without many people participating to it. I love this site, i love most art and people on here, and that is why i keep coming.
Outer: Also, i am very sorry if i offended you in any way.
Xeno_Mezphy: I'm sorry if I kinda jumped down your throat, it's just, like I said, it bums me out when I read stuff like that. It just felt like a super loaded statement and I know that if I can read it that way other people might and it's really hard enough to get people to draw if they're even mildly trepidatious. As I'm fairly certain I'm basically the worst of the semi-regular artists on the site, I'm pretty used to being told I'm crap (mostly by myself! Ha!), so don't worry about offending me. :D

But yeah, I can totally accept that I read it wrong and that you are good peoples. That said, it's been months since dicks. I kinda miss the activity.
Xeno_Mezphy: But damn do we ever still need some sort of central interaction point so we can foster some kind of community. I feel like there's only 5-6 people around but I know there are more popping in and out from time to time.
Xeno_Mezphy: In my defense, I'd just finished writing a post on Facebook about the presidential race so I was probably in a bad mood already. <3
Outer: It's all good :) And yeah, a forum of some sort could be nice.
Outer: Also, i think you are a pretty good artist. Don't be too hard on yourself :)
Hydra: So... draw maybe?
bookinbear: I'm kinda late to this conversation, but

A) I agree with Outer, there has been a general increase in drawing quality from all users, and far less of people drawing panels in roughly fifteen seconds (although there was a bit of that a week or two ago, it's an ongoing problem...)


B) We did actually start a Skype group for WDC users, which currently has twenty users, as well as there being existing Skype groups for Drawception users, many of whom are also present here on WDC. You're welcome to join it if you're interested, my Skype name is Bookinbear, and I'll happily add you if you want.