in the book: "Super"

on: 2016-02-14 08:35:57

bookinbear: I swear there is gonna be a story from all of this, honest.
ShuGGaH: Haha I already wondered why her clothes had different colours in the 2nd panel. 8)
bookinbear: The real question here though is how many panels will it take before I repeat myself? Also at some point I will improve her powers...
ohyeahwhat: Shuggah, what happened to you? You were gone for like 11 days. And i would touch my walls all the time if i had that power :D
bookinbear: My plugin broke, as well as school making it impossible for me to be coming on here, but it's half term now, so I have some extra time... I thought of this power when I was little and I just thought it'd be cool to run around without shoes...
ShuGGaH: Her superpower is still better than the guy's in "Kevin's suitcase." 8D Wait, the plugin doesn't work anymore? Even in firefox? :o

And @ohyeahwhat: Yeah, got some private troubles. Also depression striked and therefore I'm not really into a drawing mood.
bookinbear: Haha, I completely forgot about Kevin's suitcase, that is a really bad power...though it could still have some practical uses I guess?