in the book: Dead-Tone

on: 2016-01-12 09:09:08

initialsjosh: This is really good, exactly what I was looking for. I'm in Portland for the week doing symposiums, so I won't be really able to draw much.
bookinbear: I think it'd be cool if she had several modes- this being jet, the other one we've seen being default, she could also have modes for melee fighting, using guns, going underwater etc. I don't know how each of them would look, but I think it'd be interesting to play around with. Also she needs a name, maybe another one like QB/ Cubey, like MLE/ Emily perhaps?
initialsjosh: When I was drawing her originally, I was trying to come up with some kind of acronym. Like Combat-Oriented-Self-Defense-Andtroid (Cosda) or something like Sadie etc
bookinbear: Yeah, that'd also work...Systematic-Atonymous-Droid-Indigo-Edition (Couldn't think of another word beginning in 'I'...) At first I wasn't so sure about this comic, but I'm really beginning to enjoy it now!
bookinbear: Oh yeah, I also made her colour scheme darker in this panel, that could either be ignored and treated as simply different lighting, or her colour scheme could subtly change according to her mode? I dunno, I'm just shooting ideas in every other direction right now...
initialsjosh: Haha no worries, we're working together on this, we're not gonna get everything perfect. I like that for Sadie