in the book: Where we discuss the future of WDC

on: 2016-01-10 07:34:28

cartoonistgirl: well, I don't think it'll be closing any time soon.
ShuGGaH: Yeah, look how old this book here is already. Unfortunately, the site seems to not get any updates either.
stalincars: drives me crazy, I really wish there was a way for me to help fund the further development of this site ><
Xrott: Tell me about it! The last time the site wasn't loading for a while I started to get nightmares about it.

It's soooo frustrating. I can't actually do anything, but if I don't do something I start to feel really guilty about it.
That's one of the reasons I started coding a new drawing tool for the site. But that I don't even know whether anyone will get to see it, makes it really hard to stay motivated.

I've contacted Tyler several times now, but it always ended in radio silence.
I won't give up, though. I still have some ideas up my sleeve, and hopefully something will happen soon.
ShuGGaH: @Xrott: If you ever plan to make a similar site like WDC, tell me. 8D It sucks how there are no real alternatives. (In case WDC'll go down one day)