in the book: doodle

on: 2015-12-24 09:03:21

bookinbear: Merry Christmas to everyone on WDC! Congrats if you know who every single one of these characters are (there's nearly 50, not sure of the exact figure), and sorry to all the characters I wasn't able to fit in!
ShuGGaH: Omg. So many characters at once! This came out pretty great and it's not so depressed as mine, haha.

AAand I recognize every single character you included. (Not by name tho)
Sooo from left to right:
That guy from rhyming douglas, that megaman-like girl from low level enemies, Madokr, Demny, that other low level enemies girl, the guy from Strandead, Minnow, the werewolf dude who still hasn't found Eugene, Isaac, Shuggah (thx for that! 8D), Dill, Xof, Death, Red from tredlow's solo comic, That dudette from Juano's solo-comic, Molly, Valentine, Bolton, TV-Head, Froggler's roomy, Ignatius, Punching Judy, Little Devil, Al, Rudy&Billy, Nanxy and her pet, Joana, Sally, Zombie guy from postalpocalypse, Amall, Florence, Marge,Niko, Discount-monkey,Mike, Francis&Dawg, Prince Cupcake, Mutant guy&Wendy from postalpocalypse.

It's a great picture. featuring WDC's best and recognizable characters. I think this should be featured. 8)
bookinbear: Thanks SHuGGaH! There's also Charles the roach & Charlotte the moth from Postalpocalypse hidden in there, and the central logo is designed by Xrott, so literally everything here originates here on WDC. Also good lord, you know everyone's names. I knew like 4 names whilst drawing this.
Outer: Best panel of all times!
bookinbear: Thanks Outer!
bookinbear: If this panel were featured it would be a christmas miracle! I'd be so happy!
chevic: Very well done, friend
bookinbear: Thanks Chevic!
PonkaPoe: oh hey look i recognize some of them people