in the book: Where we discuss the future of WDC

on: 2015-12-20 12:12:14

cartoonistgirl: don't know if this place is still active,, But that would be A good way to catch attention. i also don't mind ads, they seem helpful.
bookinbear: The site is still active, just nothing like how it was about three years ago. As many artists dropped off, so did the number of uploads causing the site to become practically inactive. However more recently a lot of new people have joined as well as some of the old people coming back and the site has picked up again. My main concern with advertising the site on places like Deviant Art is that as many Trolls would be attracted as people serious about the site, especially while there is still no way to report or remove purposefully offensive/derailing panels. I'm personally in support of on-site ads if it would mean Tyler would be able to make these additions though. Sorry for the massive amount of text. : /
cartoonistgirl: You don't have to apologize, it's neat to talk to someone on here after a while. With attention of course will come dodgy people, So i bet a reporting/blocking system could be useful. I mean, i don't know enough about maintaining a website to suggest anything further, but with enough active users this place could have a good chance.
initialsjosh: I've been pushing this website on my personal social media and other outlets. I love this website a lot. We got a big bump from Reddit back in June (the reason I found this website) so maybe pushing some interest elsewhere could increase the flow of art. I do agree with the concern of an influx of penis panels, but the quality posters will remain above them. So maybe someone can repost on reddit or voat or whatever media you guys are using. I don't have a DeviantArt or any art-focused media, but I do post certain links onto my facebook friends occasionally
cartoonistgirl: A subreddit wouldn't be a bad idea, though that looks pretty barren too. I've been sharing this site with friends as well.
bookinbear: I also have regularly encouraged my friends to join this site, but so far the only person to have joined and actually continued drawing is A2D (he's currently moving house, he will be back). However overall I've personally found this to be a pretty to boost the site, cos although many people like it, none join or contribute any panels. I don't know anything about subreddits, but I'd personally be up for trying to boost it on DeviantArt, though I'm not sure how we'd go about it...maybe competitions? I've been intending to draw some WDC related pictures for my DA to raise awareness but my Photoshop is currently up the creek. Maybe we should just make a WDC DeviantArt group?
bookinbear: Actually, here's a question I have for the two of you: How did you find about WDC?
initialsjosh: Me? There was a post on about it that kind of blew up. I don't know how many of those redditors stayed here and are drawing avidly, but I am.