in the book: Cheese Corp.

on: 2015-12-01 08:06:14

bookinbear: I'm only gonna lock the book occasionally, and only so that I can force the story down particular paths and what not. 99% of the time I'll leave it open for all.
Outer: I agree with your decision, It will help drive the story forward as well. Im just curious though, why did you decide to do this? I just want to see it from your perspective :)
Outer: Oh! and also, i hope my contribution did not break your vision or anything, It was only profiles on paper so i thought for a second that i should do a profile too, but I decided to add a ''story'' element to it. Hope it's okay with you.
bookinbear: Actually your panel is what I intended all along, just a little earlier than expected (no worries, it makes the story actually progress, so that's great!). When you ask why I did this, I assume start this particular idea of comic, and the answer to that is that Cheese Corp. is this idea for a company me and some friends had when we were about 8 and we have carried it on ever since, so I decided to turn it into a comic here...
Outer: Awesome! Cant wait to see the story unfold!