in the book: doodle

on: 2015-11-22 14:01:31

bookinbear: Firstly I want to quickly stress that this is just an idea, but I would like to do it if possible. Secondly I don't really feel I could charge anyone for the figures cos the concepts don't belong to me and payments would just really complicate things, so I'd probably only be able to do one or two figures for each person... I do have some experience in making these kind of figures, but I think I'll make some test ones and put them over on DA so people can see what they think... Each figure would be approximately 2-3 inches tall and hand painted. Maybe nothing will come of this, but let's wait and see
bookinbear: Also I was inspired by the toys in "Off Road and Chivalry" if you were wondering... :P
Outer: Could you make rudy and billy ? XD
bookinbear: That was actually my thinking: rudy and Billy for you, Val and Isaac for Tredlow, blue rat/rabbit thing SHuGGaH & Niko for SHuGGaH etc etc etc.
chevic: Hey, Bookinbear. Yeah, I see how charging can be difficult. We could trade. I could make a figure for you. I am working on something in order to get hired somewhere. If it works out well for me, I'll get back to activities I paused, including modeling. Also, sculpting stuff around 2 or 3 inches sounds difficult, with the precision required, If you are in, I'd probably sculpt something around 4 inch and a half, I am more confortable with this size. It doesn't mean you have to change your habbits for me. And I'd probably submit you a few of my characters so you can chose the ones you are more confortable with.
bookinbear: Yeah a trade could be cool... As for size, like I said, this is just an idea I had the other day, so I could always make them bigger. I think I will make some test figures this weekend and post a link so people can see what they think and whether or no they'd like some...
chevic: OK, yeah. I read that you are not sure if it will work out. I don't want to commit you. If we trade it's not bad if you think you did not or could not honor your part or give up. I'd still try to make and send mine anyway. From what I discovered myself, modelling is fun but depending on the difficulties, it can be time consumming. And we all have our business and stuff. So don't worry. As for technichal advices I can give, but it must be depending on individual experience and the ability to see in 3D. It's better to start over a part of the modeling sometimes or even the totallity, when there is something wrong and we absolutelly want to save it. If, for example, the right arm is too short and the left arm is way too big, better take them off and remake them. With clay, it's manageable. I saw how I "lost" time trying to save parts like that for some modelings. It's never really lost if you have to go through this mistake to avoid it later. Work in the totality of the figure first, aware of the important volumes and add details later. It's something that many people don't do on youtube tutorials. These people don't really make a tutorial but they show off how they can make something they made over and over and know exactly how to acheive with practice. Not all of them of course, but a lot of the most popular videos when imputing words like "clays sculpting tutorail" etc. It's good also to make some pauses every while, switch to an other activity and get back with a fresh look at your figure in progress to see such errors. With clay, for implating limbs on realistically proportionned figures, it's easier to stick twigs or iron wire to connect elements. But it's not necesserally true on little formats like 2, 3 inches. You could also make a wire skeleton. It feels different than sclupting right away without so do as you like. If you use wire, you need a claw to cut it. (iron wire that can be snapped by hand is not tough enough). Have fun!
ShuGGaH: Ain't humanoid figures very hard to sculpt? If you want to make one for me, Shuggah (that blue rat/rabbit thing :p) is totally enough. c: Also thank you for considering this. :'D
bookinbear: Yeah, SHuGGaH would be easier to make, but I think I'll try some humanoids like Niko as well as Al (Postalpocalypse). Like I said before I'll try and post some pics of test models on DA in the next week or two.
bookinbear: Been slower going than I'd intended (damn you education!) but I've started some test figures, I'll try and get them painted & photographed as soon as I can...
ShuGGaH: I'm still pretty exited about this. :B