in the book: WDC Comic clash

on: 2015-10-13 09:32:22

ShuGGaH: That's a pretty dang cool idea there. :D
bookinbear: Thanks! I imagine it'll become pretty hectic to draw, but what the hell, right?
ShuGGaH: Yeah.. I just noticed.. ain't kitty the most dangerous character in his book, tho? 8D
bookinbear: haha, yeah, that'll have to be some kind of story point… we'll figure it out
bookinbear: Gah, I have so many ideas for what I want to do next with this story, and now my computer's decided to turn off forever!!!
bookinbear: So it'll be ages before I'm able to add another panel >:(
ShuGGaH: Aw man, that really sucks. :/ I have a similar desaster, just with my console instead pc.
Outer: Noooo my wacom plugin doesn't work anymore :(
bookinbear: aw no, doesn't it? Man, that's really annoying! It didn't work on my new computer when I got that, until one day it just did '_' I don't understand, but I seriously hope it starts working again soon, I miss your art man.
Outer: Thanks ! :) I wish it works eventually too, that's the main reason why i'm not drawing here anymore. I've noticed you got a lot better with your drawings when i came back to check on this site :D
ShuGGaH: Welcome back Outer. :D Which browser do you use? I sometimes get the problem, that the wacom plugin gets blocked after updating firefox. Maybe it's just blocked for you too. In that case you should be able to unblock it when you look at "Add-Ons"
Outer: Thanks ShuGGaH! :D Well i am using chrome , i tried in internet explorer as well :/. I looked in the addon section of both of the browsers. For IE theres no add blocks but still not working, For Chrome, There was adBlock but even when i removed it, the wacom plugin on the site is still greyed out. This is only since i changed computers at work...
Outer: Ok now i downloaded Firefox, and when i click onto the plugin downloader thing, it throws me here :
Outer: OMG i got it working, i looked into the Addons section and there it was...the damn Wacom plugin...i turned it on and BAM! it's working. rock xx
bookinbear: Yay! Also thanks Outer, I've been trying to improve my drawing skills as of late, and I really want to do this comic justice- I actually deliberatley delayed drawing on this particular comic until I felt my drawings were of a good enough quality...
Outer: Thats an awesome way to go at it :D
ShuGGaH: No problem Outer. :D I hope we see you drawing here again. :B
Outer: I sure will :D