in the book: Drawception buddies!

on: 2015-06-17 14:24:42

Swag_Masta: We can change that! Straight up join in things like the drawception skype chat (masta_swegg), the facebook group, or go on twitter. If you dont wish to be using "third party" stuff, just jump right into artroom threads like drawceptia, or make one! A ton of friend games are going on in those forums as well!
ShuGGaH: Skype and facebook are two things I refuse to have and I only made the twitter account to sign up here.
The DC forums have always been a place where I felt uncomfortable/not welcomed. I have made some posts and they mostly end up being ignored. Yeah.. that's probably why I never felt like a part of this community.

And I start to feel out of place on here too.
Swag_Masta: Dc forums are weird, but my suggestion is to jump right into it! Can i give you a follow on twitter, my handle is @ak63dswag, and ineed you to know it would be totes awesome to have an artist like you become more involved with the community! I know you are a against it, but the dc skypw group is definitly something to check out, its constantly buzzing with dc members and we currently have 78 people lol. My suggestion for the forums and here, is to just play them for fun, like drawma? Screw that stuff