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on: 2015-06-10 09:19:44

TaroMilkPudding: At least you drew with more effort than others who just ruined other people comics by drawing a plain black and white 8 = D like penis, It's very hard to difficult and follow up the comic if people just draw penises. So I'm actually very thankful that you've stopped and said sorry.
chevic: That panel in the Durgon's Adventure was OK actually.You respected the story in this one. It's when penis are inserted (erh how else to call that) in comics when it's uncalled for that it becomes annoying, or plain gross vulgarity. panels like this but then, you can have comics that go in vulgarity right away, if that's how it was first intended, gross stuff is OK. The intent to apologize is good of you.
TaroMilkPudding: Also I'm sorry if I acted like an asshole to you, I was kind of in a bad mood since people kept on drawing penises on the comics I wanted to continue.
DIYE: No worries you guys... I did start a panel on a book called "Day in the Life of T.V. Head" and I accidentally clicked submit before I was ready... Is there any way to edit or delete that panel? I really liked where the book was going and I feel like that kind of ruined it.
TaroMilkPudding: I think you should make a panel saying "<-- Ignore last panel." I've seen some comics on here that people randomly just put blank white panels or black panels (prob on purpose or by accidentally clicking submit) and others just ignore them and carry on with continuing the comic.