in the book: Where we discuss the future of WDC

on: 2015-06-06 18:27:12

Apprentice: Okay, so what if we were able to chose who can draw in the comic. It would sorta be like the "Friends Only" comic but a bit more inclusive. What happens is a person starts the comic, and people ask to join the comic. The creator of the comic then choses to accept or decline the proposition. Also, if a person was to join and the creator doesn't like someone's contribution, they have the decision to kick someone from the comic book.
Apprentice: OH OH OH OH and maybe if it's a drawing of a penis, then they can just delete it???
chevic: Yes, I agree. Tyler talked about a similar solution somewhere, recently. It's in the comments of this: I think he makes some very good points. Maybe such changes would require a lot of work for him so don't expect it to come soon.
Apprentice: So I read the conversation on this panel. Are we just supposed to continue the narrative even if others try to mess with the comic? And do this until Tyler fixes the problem?
chevic: Everything is up to Tyler. That's all I know of what he said about that subject. So I guess, yes. There is no estimation of when the situation will go in that direction at this moment. I think it's rather great he answered, considering he runs this website as a hobby.
chevic: And it's understandable. If this is a hobby, then it'd be normal he'd give priority to his business.We will have to be patient. I love this site. This site had a very few bad/penis only panels. It's only recently, with the Reddit article on WDC that new people come in and some drawing these.