in the book: Where we discuss the future of WDC

on: 2015-05-16 21:00:09

Apprentice: I think we need to advertise the site. Of course it would be nice to have a commercial air on the tv or something, but there are other easier ways.You can simply tell all your friends about it. And make your friends tell your friends. Tweet about it, put it on your Instagram, and Tumblr. Make a small funny little animation about it and upload it to YouTube. You can spread the word anyway you may like just make sure to speak up!
Apprentice: The main reason the site is slowly dying, is because the amount of input is dwindling, and the lower the participation the more people leave. The more we talk about the site the more people will come and test the waters. Even the people who come and draw one panel helps the cause. The more action happening on the site the more interesting the site seems. Also Tyler will most definitely want to update the site every once in a while if he sees there are a load of people on the site. So please please please. Talk to your friends about the site. Go to the people who were on the site before and remind them that the site still exists. Tell everyone and their mom about WeDrawComics! I really want to see this site come alive again.
ShuGGaH: I already told everyone I know. No one was interested. D:
Apprentice: @ShuGGaH If no one you know is interested, then try people you don't know. Artist that you look up too, there are a lot of links to people's blogs through this site. Try to get them to come back!