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on: 2015-05-04 14:57:07

chevic: I hope this helps, as I was back to my laptop this week because of a trip, I had the pen presure not working and the lines were all jagged in straight segments. I had to get the driver again, so I got it on Apparently, it is having an internal error as I am writting. Check back later. Also, I found this video on youtube. DOing what the guy says in these videos apparently helped me too. Good luck. I hope you can fix htis.
chevic: Now the driver decided to stop working for me too. Strange.
vigorousjammer: Actually, I should have said "the tablet plugin broke" the pressure sensitivity works fine in Photoshop and whatnot... just not on the website. I'm Using Google Chrome 42.0.2311.135 m, the latest Wacom drivers are installed (which supposedly come with a web plugin) However, I can't get pressure sensitivity to work on the site, it just keeps showing the "Wacom: get the plugin" image.
chevic: Same here. It keeps showing me the "plugin failure" pop up. I have resettled the wacom driver twice. It will not work. Strange. Unless this is fixed, I am unable to use the site. Neither will I draw without pen sensitivity.