in the book: Where we discuss the future of WDC

on: 2015-03-01 12:30:46

Xeno_Mezphy: I don't ever remember it being quite this slow, but I think I showed up right when things got the busiest things ever were so it's hard for me to say. I have so many notions of why the site might be failing but I don't have any hard numbers and I'd imagine the only person that does is Tyler.

In addition I assume he isn't looking at those numbers because if he was I can't imagine this site would still be up (unless there are 100x as many observers as there are artists and somehow they all hate everything I draw). Admittedly the site as it currently stands is a moneyhole regardless of its use. More users would be less manageable, but since there are no real community building features even the few members can't meaningfully interact as their interactions are spread across single panels across several books and it's all a bummer.

In the end, I think the overall idea of the site is pretty legitimate (though there is difficulty getting people to draw in general). I just think the site needs a better system for communication (or we could have just gone for it and set up a free forum for general interaction (although that comes with the added pain of drawing traffic away from the site)) and some means by which to make any amount of money. The stagnation, while a problem, is really just a symptom of the site's overall lack of sustainability. While the Patreon and ad ideas are nice, I don't think they'll actually make enough of a dent to get the site back up on its feet. I'm pretty sure all of the offers of volunteer work have dried up at this point too.

I try to be pretty optimistic, but honestly if it was my site I probably would have pulled the plug by now. I really like this site and obviously appreciate that it continues to exist but I think it needs a serious overhaul to actually function. A lot of work went into making this site and at least that much work would likely have to go back into it to make it work financially. I don't want to speak for Tyler, but I, personally, don't know if I'd have it in me.

I'm a quitter though :D
Xeno_Mezphy: By "actually function" in that last paragraph, I mean, "be updated regularly, make at least enough money to sustain itself and have a healthy community of both artists and observers"

more or less
Xeno_Mezphy: In addition the only thing that actually got Tyler to make this book in the first place was me calling him out on Twitter. That might be our best bet to get him back in here, should we so desire.
Xrott: Hey, just want to let you know that I'm still around and trying to help the site! I haven't been able to be much active on here or actually get in touch with Tyler yet, because of some things on my end, but I've still been working on stuff for the site:

As of now, it is mostly just an interface and there aren't a lot of the features I want to add implemented yet, but it's slowly getting there.

Once I'm finished with it I'll try to get in touch with Tyler again and see if we can work something out.

And, in the case that this site suddenly disappears one day, I'll promise you that I will bring it back up, one way or another.
ShuGGaH: @Xrott: Wow. At least it looks promising already. c: Will it have a working eyedropper and more than one undo, when it's finished? 8D However, I hope it will actually make it on here.
Xrott: @ShuGGaH: Yes it will, that's definitely something I plan to do!
ShuGGaH: That would be totally great. I hope it will actually be installed here and not end up as a chrome extention. D: The wacom plugin just won't work for me in chrome.
PonkaPoe: @Xrott

Dayum! That looks great man! Exactly what I wanted to be added!
Xrott: Since ShuGGaH asked about the eyedropper tool:

Also, just so you know, the rainbow-pattern was not a premade image...
ShuGGaH: It's still awesome, Xrott. I don't know if you can tell already, but do you know if pen pressure will still work on it?
Xrott: Yes, that is very high on my priority list.

I won't be using the Wacom plug-in however, for a couple of reasons. One of them being it's probably going to be dead in not too long from now.

Anyway, I already know how I'm going to do this without it. It just means more work for me.
ShuGGaH: So pen pressure will work with other tablets too then? That'd be awesome. :3 I have a wacom, but I know of someone who left because their new tablet won't work correctly. :c