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on: 2014-10-30 09:15:37

fruitsofapathy: I've been using this site for two years and I still love the idea of it. I'd really hate for the community to slowly fizzle out. This place can be so much fun and there are so many awesome, funny, talented folks here. Things to fix: 1) I'm not sure if it's the coding of the site or what, but my biggest issue is performance. I've used two different computers and two different tablets over my time here, and the issue is always the same - The site only works when it wants to. What do I mean by that? Lines. For some reason, at random times, I can't make regular lines. Instead of smooth, curved lines, they turn into jagged ones. Drawing a circle yields a polygon instead. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to these problems. It'll happen for awhile, making me unable to participate for sometimes months at a time. Then it'll randomly clear up and be fine for awhile. I don't know if it's just a problem on my end, but yeah. If it's a problem on the site's end, I'd be curious to know if anyone else has experienced these things and if something can be done about it. It's the only thing that holds me back from participating as much as I want to, or be more ambitious in the things I draw here. 2) The eyedropper often glitches out and won't pick up a certain color at all. Or sometimes it will pick it up, but you have to dot all over the drawing field to find it. 3) Sticky cursor. Again, an issue I've had over different computers and tablets. When trying to make very precise lines with smaller brush sizes, and short line lengths, the cursor will stick after I initially begin to draw. That results in a dot, and will not continue drawing a line. When that happens I have to furiously swipe to try and get a line instead of a dot, which means tons of cntrl+z and sacrificing accuracy. Those are the issues, for me. As far as suggestions for changes go, I like a lot of Sgore and Xrott's ideas. ESPECIALLY the forum idea. I really agree that a better way of communication between site members is needed. I also have a couple of my own. 1) Add the ability to use the eyedrop tool outside of the drawing field. I know it's a good exercise for artists to try and duplicate color and tone by eye, but I think for the uniformity of a book, it would be a huge help to be able to select the eyedropper, scroll down to previous panels, and select colors. 2) Add a new option when creating a new book. Currently, you can only choose between "Anyone" and "Friends Only" when selecting who can contribute. I understand why "Friends Only" exists. Sometimes you want to ensure that the outcome and/or quality of the book is more secure than if left open to everyone. That's fine and understandable. But I also feel like there should be a middle option. One that allows anyone to contribute, but perhaps the creator of the book or the community itself can approve of the newest panel before more panels can be created. That way you can have the openness of "Anyone" while ensuring that a book doesn't get derailed by trolls or someone who doesn't follow the flow of the story. I'm not sure how that would go, though. It could see it easily turn into a fight if someone's panel gets dismissed. I dunno. It's something to think about.
fruitsofapathy: Oh god, NO! I had that all typed out and separated into paragraphs! I don't know why it compressed it all into a wall of text, I'm sorry! I wish there was a way to delete or edit it ;_;
Vanishing_Fin: I have totally had all of these problems. One thing I would like to add is being able to make custom pallets for the comic. Theres only like 3 you can choose from and if we could make a custom one that people can use when drawing the comic i think it would really help with uniformity.
Xrott: fruitsofapathy: "1) Add the ability to use the eyedrop tool outside of the drawing field."

I've looked into this and, unfortunately, this would probably end up being more complicated to do than it's worth. What I've thought of instead is maybe having a "color-pool" where users can submit and save frequently used colors which are then available for everyone else contributing to the comic, similar to the current color-palette system.

Also, I'm curious if you're having the same or similar issues with this drawing tool.
Anchalagon: About point 2, i have a feeling that the eyedropper doesn't take in consideration that there's layers in the drawing and treats all like a big layer, so sometimes you try to choose a color in X layer but in reality Y layer is above and "blocking" the color you want to pick up.