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on: 2014-10-28 10:34:00

Sgore: I figured these are a couple easily implementable ideas that don't require any real tinkering with the site, aside from putting a link on the front page.
tyler: I totally agree. I am looking at tearing out the comment system and adding in DISQUS. Maybe we could have a DISQUS thread attached to each book, but also a thread attached to each panel? Or maybe there is a way to tag a panel in a book comment so it will alert the artist to the discussion.
tyler: I also LOVE improv comedy. I highly recommend the UCB Improve Manual :
Sgore: I don't think comments for individual panels need to be taken out, but I really like the idea of each book having its own main space for comments so some solid planning can take place. Thank you for responding!
Xrott: I really don't think Disqus is a good idea. On every page I've encountered it, I pretty much hated it. It always takes forever to load and is bloated with unnecessary and flashy functionality.

If you ask me, the current comment system is totally fine. You won't have to put that much work into it to make it even better since it really doesn't need to be too fancy. The only things that I think absolutely need to be added is a way to format text (e.g. with BBCode like in my Chrome Extension) and maybe a reply tree structure (also disallowing JavaScript, but that comes with adding a formatting editor).

About ways of discussing the development of comics: I think it would be great to have small sub-forums for up to 3 or 5 topics for each comic.

This is also the reason I previously pointed out the possibility to make a basic forum system yourself, because if you did that, then it would be trivial to implement these sub-forums for each comic.

Again, I want to remind you that I've already spent a lot of time thinking about this site and I have for a long time now too (the linked document is probably about one and a half years old!).

Also I want to point out that I know how to put my money where my mouth is too, and that I would code and implement anything - if I have to, even all by myself - that would improve the site. Hell, I've done it in the past already.

Lastly, if you're curious, I'm currently working on a drawing tool with brush softness and opacity and other little improvements. As of now it is only a basic (and unoptimized) prototype and a lot is still missing, like layers for example, but you can check it out here (only tested on the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox!).
tyler: Xrott - I am on board for most of this stuff. I would love to implement your BBcode extension etc. I sent you an email Oct 7th but did not hear back from you. (Don't worry I completely understand) But please let's Skype or Google hangout, I would love to discuss this with you face to face. Maybe we can set up a regular time to meet every week.
Xrott: I'm sorry, but I haven't received any e-mails from you. I also checked if it accidentally ended up in the spam folder.

Just to be sure: my e-mail address is
tyler: OK, I may have emailed a different person who has a very similar name uh oh! ... anyways sending you a real email now.