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on: 2014-10-17 19:09:28

Kankri: unlike you, I actually spoke to tyler, but what happened is going to be a secret between us.

all I'm allowed to say is
don't do anything you wouldn't want to make your grandma see, it's here forever

unless your grandma is a whore, then go nuts, show nuts.
tyler: Umm, I'm not really sure that this is a secret between us. Please don't use me as leverage in internet arguments. My official stance is: I love that there is freedom in WeDrawComics, I love that there are currently no rules and that somehow this site is an extremely polite community. I think it goes further than "Don't draw anything you wouldn't want your Grandma to see." I think it is really more about the context of each comic and having mutual respect for your fellows artists who have put in so much effort to build something. So long as you are matching the voice and tone of previous artists I think it is ok. The only thing that is RUDE as heck is making an extremely forceful move that ignores all the previous effort of other jammers. (and to clarify I am not talking about the drawing skill of an artist, some of my favorite panels are by people who would probably say "I'm bad at drawing." The important thing is spirit and intent of the panel.)
tyler: I think there is a lot more to this than can easily be summed up in a succinct comment, and maybe part of the beauty of this site is not being able to fully describe it. But this is probably part of the reason I have never posted an official ruleset.
ShuGGaH: Sorry to butt in. 8U
I know this community is mostly very polite and respecting to each other, which is very great. However, when there are no official rules, some users, especially new ones (Or simply trolls, to make it short 8D) can just go about and abuse this.
I know, you shall not feed them, but things like THAT really are not necessary and make me wish it was somehow possible to remove such panels. They just ruin good books and are hard to ignore too. Maybe it could be handled like in drawception.. with the option to flag troll panels and have them removed by uservote or something..
Xrott: I completely agree that We Draw Comics should absolutely be as inclusive as it can be. However, I have to also agree with the argument that comic derailment can get a little upsetting and is a problem that should be gracefully dealt with too.

What I think a good solution to this would be, instead of having and enforcing strict rules, calmly present new users some guidelines they should keep in mind when contributing to the site and appeal to the human on the other end.

So, when a new member tries to add a new Panel to a comic I would show him this first:

But regular members would also get this:

As you can see, I'm also suggesting to have a tagging system for Books. On one hand, this makes it easier for new contributors to identify in what direction the comic is supposed to be going and on the other it makes Books a bit more organized and easier to search for on the explore page. Also it allows them to be tagged as "18+" so they can safely be filtered out for minors, since, if you ask me, mature imagery is just a natural part of life and shouldn't be discouraged.

For the community side of things, I think it's important to have defined rules and someone that enforces them, because in a large group of people, fights are unfortunately pretty much inevitable and it will most likely happen that someone goes a little too far. As a result we need to have a way to keep everything under control.

There are many different people with different tempers and as the #gamergate incidents recently showed, it is sadly way too easy to harass someone and generally be an asshole on the Internet. That is the reason why almost every community-driven site has such rules.

Lastly, ShuGGaH, please don't point your finger at Indyryan. From what I've seen from his past submissions, it seems to me like he's just a child, who doesn't really know any better. If you think he's just trolling, I want you to look at his gallery and see that there is an actual effort to be part of the comics. The only thing one can do is calmly explain to him that he should maybe think first before submitting.