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on: 2014-10-12 18:09:10

Xrott: I've found it useful to turn on the mibbit clients' options to make a sound when someone joins or writes a message.

You can find these in the "prefs" (upper right corner) and then in the sounds tab. And if you're using another client, I'm sure it has similar options.
ams: Thank you, Xrott. :D I do use a client, and I did not know that about mibbit itself from when I used to use it. I just missed him by being busy and noisy I guess!
tyler: It was me! I am on it using Colloquy. Which for some reason makes my nickname tyler_ I have no idea why though...what do I look like? Some kind of guy who knows stuff about computers? Pssshhhh
ams: Maybe Tyler with no "_" is a registered name on that server. I don't know either
Xrott: Tyler, I wanted to answer you concerning the forum, but unfortunately when I got around to it, you were already gone.

So, what I wanted to say is: I don't have much experience with forums. I can only say that I know that phpBB is also a forum system a lot of websites use.
Or that, maybe making a basic system yourself like, for example, ยต-collective has, is also an option.

However, I can see that this would add some (for the current scope) unnecessary work. Although, I can't imagine that it would be too difficult to do, since a forum is not much more than a threaded comment section.