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on: 2014-10-07 10:30:53

bookinbear: This was mine-inspirational to me!
Mangulwort: FREE FOR ALL "The Scribble Book" is the first book in wdc, and is complete garbage. It is amusing garbage however, and reminds of doodles that one would find in a high school yearbook. There also is a panel by pen ward of adventure time. Wonder how he stumbled onto the site? Let's all draw shrek a fascinating (and disturbing) look at a cultural icon. videro gamos The personifications of misspelled video game characters Change one letter and Batman becomes-- Batmao? Batnan? Draw Ice Cream People Here! Ice cream people. What do you expect? The Creepy Pikachu Log After reading this you will never look at an electric mouse the same way again. Rhyming Douglas Hey there fools let me tell you a thing, about Chinese divination, they call it I Ching! Super Fancy Turtle The many exploits of Super fancy turtle. This is just a few. More suggestions on the way.
tyler: I have thought about this... but I really have no idea what the legality of printing up all of these comics is. The only way I can imagine this working is if we contacted every single person who added a panel to one of these jams and they gave consent to have their work printed.