in the book: Where we discuss the future of WDC

on: 2014-10-06 19:35:28

michaeljpatrick: I feel like I killed the site by drawing a werewolf penis that one time. That was the final straw. I enjoy this site a lot and will come back if I have time, but am kind of busy right now. If anyone has a tumblr or any other place they want to be followed maybe post it here so we can keep in touch if this site fades entirely.
Xrott: It really doesn't help that we're now left to wait until we hear something from Tyler yet again. How long is it going to be this time?

This is endlessly frustrating. Especially so, since I'm trying so hard to help the site but without Tyler I can't really do anything...

If he'll continue to go down this path, WDC will die. There is no question about it.

What I really want to know is, how much does he really care about this site. Was the last time he checked in just to see if there is any money to grab?

I hope we all can keep in touch in the event that this site disappears.
Xrott: I've created an IRC channel if anyone is interested:
Xrott: Whoops, broken link. Here's the fixed one.
bookinbear: Is it necessary to actually leave though? I mean sure things are looking grim rigt now, but you could still pop around now and then...
tyler: Wait I am confused? So you are planning on leaving because not enough people are using the site? Or because I do not update it enough?
Thorsini: Don't leave! I for one and going to try to participate more but at the moment I am in design school full time and also working full time. My goal is to do one panel a week! Gotta get back in the habit :D
michaeljpatrick: I'm not going anywhere. I may not update a lot for a while, but I'll poke in now and again.
tveye: There used to be a lot of great artists. Now it's just a small handful. Everyone else just makes stick figures and contribute nothing to stories.
Thorsini: Then how do we change that?
uradhere: It was awesome for a while. I think the age might have passed? It was a good age though.