in the book: derp

on: 2014-10-04 06:58:22

bookinbear: Er, the website glitched and my panel turned into this blackness, which is annoying because firstly I lost my panel (I was proud too!) and also it spoils the rest of the comic, for which I apologise. I would remove it if that were possible, but otherwise sorry!
chevic: I understand but it's not your fault (although I never had that glitch). I have seen people having similar glitch have the possibility to reload the glithced drawing by trying to add an other panel and the site would ask to reaload a previously drawn panel. Did you try that? If it's still on, you could try posting it again.
juano: I doubt that's still an option, since the saving function is no longer working.
bookinbear: well I don't know how, but i think it worked! Thanks for that! :D
chevic: Delighted to :) It would have been quite anoying if you lost it.