in the book: Here's a question:

on: 2014-08-01 07:21:47

michaeljpatrick: I'm so so so sorry...
swekkieboy2000: Let's just pretend that's one of Eugene's tentacles as he's probably an octopus-like creature too. Actually that would make everything even worse...
Kankri: I continue to not see this coming
michaeljpatrick: phrasing
majicrobot: Tentacles... treading on dangerous ground fer sher.
tredlow: Haha this is the worst book on this site.
tredlow: ...or the best depending on what you're into.
swekkieboy2000: Well pretend you're new and this is the first book you see. and then we wonder why the site is dead..
michaeljpatrick: I admit I went over the top with this drawing...It was meant as a joke and perhaps it was in bad taste. I apologize to any cybernetic werewolves I may have defamed. But I don't think this thread killed the site. It has had declining usership for over a year now.
majicrobot: People offended by this book would have to be humor deficient and would probably not like many books on this site since it takes some whit to enjoy many of them.