in the book: Battle Fight!

on: 2013-12-01 19:13:08

uradhere: yo, blue team all the way.
uradhere: blue team till i die
uradhere: moloch is gonna get his dumb orc head split. my man tupak is gonna wreck that motherfucker, I will put money on this.
Codynamic: No way, Red team til' da end! BMX Bandit's gonna be killin' it! COME ON YOU REDS!
chevic: Germano-Andean team with martial-marital bound, will they prove that true love conquers all? I agree two good wrestlers of valor can do a lot but BMX and orc can set good traps and trick their enemy. Their two very different natures may complete each other well, with a bit of strategy. I am not so sure about the winning team. I
juano: I haven't entirely thought out the backstories for every character, but it's all platonic between T&K. Ain't no ring on them fingers