in the book: Art Dump

on: 2013-10-06 13:29:23

ShuGGaH: Hope you don't mind, chevic. But in case you do, Sorry! D: I just felt like drawing our 2 badasses duking it out. 8')
chevic: Of course you can use anything I created without asking. And anybody else can too. As long as people don't sell the result (which is unlikely). I love to see my stuff drawn by others at least as much as you do. You can even draw my OCs in glamour shots or nude odalisk poses or other not serious situations if you want to, ha ha. OMG so bad ass!! Anseau (or Anselm for english speaking if fran-saucisse language's sillabary is too exotic) I almost forgot all about Anselm. That OC is so ooold time stuff thank you for drawing him so buff and so vindicative looking, taht's totally him ha ha How is he going to be able to hit Gaz if he resists standard damages because of his dark nature? Go Anselm! Stretch out with your feelings! Unlock your cosmos and empower your unarmed attacks with rightousness (or whatever) Ha ha And Gaz has this attitude saying " You're wasting your time! You can not defeat me! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!" Thank you for spending time on my OCs, ShugGaH. I allways apreciate that kind of OCs meeting and it's allways fun to collab with mmz661 and you in fun comics. :D
ShuGGaH: Heh, glad you like it. c: I chose Anseau (I actually prefer this spelling, lol) cause you have drawn him here before. and he looks strong and badass enough to take on a vampire. 8D And Gaz is easily beatable once his weaknesses are found out, lol. Also you drew my chars so often, I just felt like returning the favour. c: