in the book: Art Dump

on: 2013-10-04 18:28:11

chevic: Rishta Berumondo, again. Also, the record vid when I draw him in the roster book: And a survival I did in castlevania fighter as him: I am a hardcore fan of his first design xD
ShuGGaH: The videos are blocked in my country. :c But I guess this character is from a video game? 8D
chevic: ... Sorry, it is because I used a copyrighted music in one vid. But for the video game recording, there was nothing I could do. Somehow, youtube detects the BG music as copyrighted too. Get Proxtube and begin living as an outlaw, ha ha!! He is Richter Belmont. I am a hardcore fan of the oldschool castlevania games since a long time. Belmonts are a bloodline familly of vampire hunters (ha ha definatly not your OCs friends xD) In the game Rondo of blood, they added an animu touch to the new generation of characters. I hope the cinematics are not blocked too (could be since there is detectable music in it as well) You have shonen and shojo like anime chars. Richter Belmont's design changed in a sequel and a 3D remake but I prefer that first design the most. So stylish! Sry, I become a nerd when talking about castlevania :_D I played the old rondo of blood after my brother beat the 3D remake on PSP and unlocked the original game.