in the book: Draw as if you were 5 years old

on: 2013-08-28 15:30:39

Ronzy: Replica of actual drawing from when I was 5 years old...

I think the original looks better...

Outer: jeez you were good !~
chevic: He he, nice! Pretty sophisticated for a 5 yo kid's drawing. I agree with Outer. I remember my class mates drawing people with just a triangle with arms, feet and head when it was not a stick figure. Also, how do you keep the cursor so straight for the book's lines? Can you use the keyboard's arrows to draw them?
Outer: i was wondering the same thing...those lines...0_0 so straight!
Yolanna: Freakishly straight lines!
Ronzy: Awww thanks guys the 5 year old in me feels so proud~♥
As for the lines... I did them with the track pad: I pressed the left button down and went slowly with my finger on the trackpad...
It gets very boring after the first 10 lines!
Outer: Thanks for the tip :D
A_Gorilla: What a talented 5 year old you were! Haha :)
Ronzy: Hahah thanks A_Gorilla XD
and here's the actual thing (I hope it doesn't turn up a big fat image destroying the comments :P)