in the book: We Draw Comic Con

on: 2013-07-19 12:01:21

A_Gorilla: Juano your linework and lettering are so neat and impressive!
juano: thanks! the lettering in the upper balloon is actually the first time I'm satisfied with how it turns out, it usually looks a bit crammed and either too thick or too thin. linework-wise, I still can't make up my mind about either making it all-black, or in varying colors. or no linework at all!
A_Gorilla: No problem!
Maybe you should try the different linework styles you mentioned and see which one you prefer. :)
A_Gorilla: Actually, looking through your gallery it looks like you already have. In my opinion it seems that using a black outline really helps to bring a character to the foreground, also to highlight important characters further away, while using varying colours or no outline at all helps to blend the character into the midground/background. Anyway it's pretty interesting to experiment with the different techniques!