in the book: Art Dump

on: 2013-06-30 10:10:29

chevic: It's an old original character of mine. But he is close from beeing a lame clone of Toki from Fist of the North Star... Making cool original heroes is darn hard. What do you think?
A_Gorilla: Original characters are tricky! You often tend to borrow elements from different characters you've drawn beforehand or end up being heavily inspired by a favourite animated series character design etc. Nothing is wrong with this however, keep illustrating characters until you start finding your own "groove". Great illustration by the way Chevic! :)
chevic: Exactly, one has to try various combinations until they find an original design. It is easy to realize when looking at pre production work on animated movies. Early designs of a character are sometime completelly different than the final. I read or heard somewhere that it is important for characters to have a weaknesses,a bad habit, or something strategically wrong for them to have more personality. This applies also to their looking. Something wrong or unusual is refreshing, changing from plain beautyfull fashion show models. I try to avoid perfect characters. This guy, for exemple, has a very pronounced aquilin nose and emaciated cheeks. (in an attempt to make him less look like Toki, as I say earlier). It s nice to hear it is not wrong to get inspiration from other characters. But I still think an other fotns fan would detect the blatant cloning here. Also, thank you for apreciating the pose.
A_Gorilla: Interesting point about the 'flaws/weakness', it would give a character more "personality". That's alright, good luck with fleshing out an original character, I look forward to seeing it! :)
chevic: I believe this lame character was also significantly inspired by Dreamworks character Sinbad. Because of the agility, beard etc... I forgot that movie for a long time but the inspiration still made its way, or maybe I just find today a vague resemblance. I allways feel too much guilty when I find few coincidental resemblances :/ Thank you, Gorilla.