in the book: Drawception buddies!

on: 2013-06-06 01:20:40

Raylenna: So that piece is just an appetizer? ;)
A_Gorilla: Haha! Yes, only because when I had arrived there was not much meat left on it. Now I know where most of the DC players had flown off to! :)
Raylenna: Mhmm, it's nice and quiet around here, with everyone just lurking around. It's a nice change of pace from DC. This is more my speed....slow. ;)
Outer: im scared...the look in is eyes....maybe i shouldnt go near that gorilla...i dont know why... just a feeling.
Yesmouse: Nice to have you on board here as well mr. Gorilla. looking forward to seeing more of your art!
A_Gorilla: @Raylenna: I know it's such a different change of pace, it's definitely more relaxed without a timer! Haha :) @Outer: Don't worry he's harmless... he won't bite... much... It's a pleasure to meet you though, I don't think I've seen you on DC I must be too new! :) @Yesmouse: Thank you for the warm welcome, I appreciate it! :) I'm really looking forward to seeing all your unconstrained creative abilities as well, I'm loving what you guys are getting up to on here! :)
Outer: its a pleasure to meet you too :)
Mugsi: I'm impressed with how dexterous you are in switching between your casual and elegant calligraphy! Also, I thought that that was a light bulb with a face hanging from the ceiling before I realised it was a mouse.
A_Gorilla: Thank you Mugsi! That's such a lovely comment, I appreciate it! :) I find it easier to write in cursive because of the way my tablet behaves, it lags slightly each time I begin to write a letter, so cursive is much smoother. Haha! Yes I wanted to include a little Yesmouse in the illustrations. :) He's hiding in the first one as well.
Yesmouse: i feel like a complete idiot for missing the easter egg (or is it an easter mouse?)!
A_Gorilla: @Yesmouse: Don't be silly, I made it very subtle! :) Haha yes, easter meggs?
PyroHelfier: I always like your panels and heart them... I don't know how I wasn't following you already! But I fixed that! lol You did arrive late- I've been watching the party from the bushes. I believe there was roast pork earlier, you missed it... lol
A_Gorilla: Thank you Pyro, I really appreciate that! :)
Your DA paintings and photos are gorgeous!
The roast pork would have been nice, it's probably just a bit stale now though.. hehe
PyroHelfier: No problem :) Thanks! Haha yes I imagine so ;)