in the book: Draw unknown places you have been to in dreams (asleep)

on: 2013-06-01 23:51:13

Raylenna: That's nifty. Looks like someone may have been obsessing over some home projects? Hired someone that wasn't getting the job done? I dunno, just my first observation.
juano: not really - I kind of only remember the ending of the dream (as it often happens to me), so whichever actually meaningful elements were in there I probably forgot. All I remember is that there was me, and some other people, and we were being chased by bad guys through some part of a city where half the buildings were collapsed as if an earthquake had struck, and we managed to lose most of them, except for this one guy who was relentless and seemed to target me specifically. So I climb into a building with its facade torn down and kick the ladder away, and just as it dawns on me that what I just did was incredibly stupid, I wake up.
Raylenna: Hey, thanks for the explanation. Dreams are fun to analyze. I always look at 'em as some mundane thing that we are worried about in real life that gets taken to some insane place in our dreams. That's why I went with a home project, lol.