in the book: 80's Animated Shows

on: 2013-05-16 12:26:14

Raylenna: Man, another one I don't What's this from, morningteam?
morningteam: It was my attempt at drawing Rick Hunter from ROBOTECH. Though this Rick looks like he is more likely to be playing with Gundam toys in the backyard than piloting a Veritech fighter.
Raylenna: That's one I haven't watched before, but I thought your drawing looked Japanese. So I figured it might be from an anime. Turns out the original did originate in Japan.
morningteam: Yeah, the original was actually made up from four different Japanese shows and spliced into one with a brand-new story. Though, to its credit, the story was actually very well done. The same sorta thing happened in the 1990s with "Samurai Pizza Cats." SPC only had one source for the animation, but they didn't get any of the scripts and the American voice actors basically just made it up as they went along. Ditto with Power Rangers.