in the book: Escape from Midnight

on: 2013-05-07 19:27:51

juano: AUGH i hate it when i forget to write a word
Raylenna: Great panel anyhow. =D
Joekie: Oh wow, I hadn't even noticed that until you mentioned it. My brain had already filled it in.
Outer: i love your panel ! the fact that you bring up that it might be their fault, brings a little more to the story :) i like his less-aggressive calm and mysterious attitude better. No offence Xrott, your panel was really cool too :D its just that i thought there was no build up to his sudden aggressivity, but at the same time it kinda makes sense, since they are stressed out :P so no worries, your idea was good, it is just my opinion anyway :)
Xrott: Hmm... You think that he was being aggressive? How so? I really didn't intend it to be like that. Maybe you interpreted the hand in her face as a slap?
I really struggled to draw this correctly so I can get that it might come off the wrong way.

So, what's really supposed to have happened is that he simply shoved her away from his ear.
I was thinking that he might got a little annoyed of Jessi because she made really quick assumptions and was getting a little obtrusive since she's getting so close to him, uninvited. So that's why he might be getting a little louder.

However the "That's not what's going to happen!"-line also wasn't meant to be seen as him shouting, just him getting a little bit louder so Jessi would stop getting in his personal space and making assumptions. He's supposed to still being calm overall though.
Maybe it would clarify some things if I tell you that, at first, I actually wanted to write "That's not what I said is going to happen either, now is it?" but due to lack of space I needed to shorten it a little. Maybe it was a bad idea?

Anyway, I always knew that my panel sucked and now I even know that it doesn't quite get my intentions across too. But hey, better luck next time, I guess?

Just one small request for the future: If you have something to critique about my drawings, please would you be so kind and do it in the comments of the actual panel?
I get that you might not want to come off as rude or something, but this is really the best way for me to see that I've done something wrong and how I could improve next time (as I've already explained in this other panels comment-section). I certainly won't think that you're being mean (except when it's just a very hateful comment, of course) and I will definitely even be thankful that you criticised my panel!
Outer: Xrott, first of all, You are right with the fact that i should of given my opinion about your panel , ''inside your panel''.but I was just in the middle of saying something else to the author and i wanted to say something to you at the same time ''thats why i said your name as if i was talking to you :) , and i knew you would eventually read it''. but i should of separated the two indeed and im sorry about that. Im glad you did not take my opinion personnaly because it doesnt mean i was right. it was just a thought. Secondly, i never thought it was a slap, i was more talking about an agressive behaviour, like someone annoyed and edgy. I knew your panel depicted those emotions and i knew why, Its just that i ''felt'' the reaction came too fast or too sudden. but then again, this is what this site is all about :) seeing other people's ideas and interacting with them. I love your panel , and dont say it sucks because it doesnt. your panel is nice and i like it a lot. Dont let yourself down with another person's opinion, your art and ideas are nice and i always thought so :)
Xrott: @Outer: I'm not really upset about you criticising my panel in someone elses comments (as you've already said, I probably will eventually read it), but rather about the fact that you probably wouldn't have brought it up if you didn't have commented on this one.

Please, if anything seems wrong to you, feel free to talk to me! This way I know for sure that someone might not agree with what I draw or do. Believe me, I am a strong person and I can take criticism without letting it bring me down.

...Actually, this is something that has bothered me about this site for a little while now. I would really appreciate it, if more people decided to start giving out critiques. And I don't mean only directed towards me. I think we, as a community, should start criticising panels way more often and everyone should learn how to take it the right way. Even if it might lead to feeling like you're being rude.
You see, if that really would happen, we could all start to get more and more serious about what we do - and thus also more professional - and teach ourselves, for example, how to get the desired reactions inside your audience, how storytelling in general works, how to draw certain difficult things ect. In short: How to make great comics (or anything else that you might create, really)!

Also regarding me saying that my panel sucks: It's not your remark that made me say this, it's because I, myself, really didn't like it. I spent way too much time on it and it still doesn't look that good...
Raylenna: I do this for fun. While some of you want to know what you can do to improve, I don't. I just want to draw and get people to like what I do, that's all. I don't take any of this serious, so when I see panels get criticized, it made me wonder why. Believe me, I get it now. I understand the constructive criticism. I just don't want it where my panels are concerned because I don't do this outside of here and DC. It's fun for me, and people getting all serious about how I draw something takes the fun away for me. Nothings happened with my panels thus far, but since you (Xrott) and I went around and around with this before, thought we could go another round...hehe. ;)
Joekie: Personally I think everyone gets something else out of drawing on this site. And the goal of this site imho is not to create the best comics, but rather to jam. Everyone draws what he/she wants to draw the way they want to draw. And the fact that ideas of which way to go with a panel are different is what makes this site fun. It can be disappointing to see a comic swerve away from what you'd like it to be, but that does not necessarily have something to do with the quality of the panel that changes its direction..So why criticise?
Raylenna: I like how you said, " jam," Joekie. That's how I see it, too. =D
Xrott: As you've probably already guessed, I take things very seriously around here.

For me, WeDrawComics is not so much "a fun little toy" but rather a tool to develop worlds and stories with people, who might think similar as me.
In my opinion the fun in WDC doesn't come from drawing the individual Panel itself, but from creating a comic, that, in the end, you can be proud of.
Or in other words: I think, the feeling of accomplishment is way stronger than the fun I could possibly get from just doodling around.

So I might even go as far as saying that drawing the panels doesn't have to be fun at all. It could even feel like hard work, but when you're looking back at what you've done and see how great it got in the end, I'd be the first to say that, regardless of every hour you've put into your project and every mistake you might've done: It was all worth it.

You see, I have this great passion when it comes to creating something. Be it a story, a rendering (3D animation, that is) or just a comic on this silly little site: The work I put into projects could be as tedious as can be but I'd still enjoy doing it. That's because I know that, when it's done, I can look back, think of all the obstacles I had to face to get there and feel this great feeling of accomplishment before I go on to the next project, which I will work on just as hard as on any previous one.

This is the reason why I'd really like get more critiques: The more you learn how to make things right, the better your work becomes and the greater the feeling of accomplishment gets.

Apparently most of you don't think the same way about it, which I think is a little bit disappointing, but I can get over it and try to not be so persuasive about it anymore...

Also about the "jam"-aspect of this site, I don't see it any different than the definition that is written on the frontpage:

jam comic ['jam kom-ik]
1. a comic book or strip created
through the collaboration of multiple people.

You might notice that this definition doesn't make a statement on how serious the comics should be taken, but only states that they were made by different people!

PS: Raylenna, the way how you said you want "to go into another round" almost gives me the impression, you like discussing these things with me ;)
Raylenna: I also get a feeling of accomplishment from creating, so I understand where you are coming from with that, Xrott. Maybe you should start up some comics that only certain people can participate in? I believe that's an option, not sure... There have been some that I couldn't participate in anyway.

I suppose that in a way I like having these discussions with you, but it's more like I was just trying to lighten up the situation. I get worked up easily, so I wanted to say something that would hopefully not lead to you saying something that would annoy me...hehe.

Raylenna: Oh grr.. I got the new paragraph, but the space isn't there.. What did I do wrong, Xrott? If you don't mind me asking. Do I need to put
on a line all by itself for that space to be there?
Raylenna: Oh lol... < br > without the spaces, Didn't take into account that it would actually format, duh.
Raylenna: Sorry to hijack this for formatting questions, but I think I got it now. I'm checking to make sure.
Raylenna: I'm testing it on another site to make sure, then coming here. Seems like I'm not transferring it very well, lol.

Hopefully it works this time around. If not, then I'll just wait for a reply before making a fool of myself again. ;)

Outer: yep! this site really needs a forum section XD
Outer: LOL, Raylenna, i know this feeling. and you did not make a fool of yourself. hehe. i really should look into the ''post'' tutorial, so that my text wouldnt be all crammed up all the time , i dont even know how to make a space in between paragraphs XD
Xrott: Well, I usually use < br > twice in a row if I want to make a new paragraph and only once when I want it to go to a new line. It's like, instead of pressing the return key you type in < br >.
Raylenna: Okay, Xrott. I am going to give this a try. Btw, thank you for the help. Here it goes, my umteenth attempt.

Did it work?
Raylenna: o.O... Well I'll be a monkey's uncle... it worked.
Outer: i want to try it too :D lets see ....
Outer: didnt work
Outer: or did it ??

Outer: sorry for spamming :P now i know it works at least
PyroHelfier: I wish there were a forum or at least a comments section for the comic as a whole. I like being able to comment on individual panels but sometimes I would just like to collectively tell everyone that I like how a comic is progressing or that I am loving the artwork in general. Also that would be a nice way to talk with all of you without spamming the crap out of someone's dashboard with comments that are not particularly directed towards them. (Sorry Jauno!)

*Trying the break- thing, wonder if it will work.... anyway I really like this panel too! I am digging all this dark mood lighting everyone's got going on.