in the book: Drawception buddies!

on: 2013-04-23 21:26:26

Raylenna: This you? Seems like it's you. =D If so, you joined a while ago, hehe.
Thorsini: eee! Going to keep an eye out for you!
tveye: Sure is, but I didn't start drawing anything until a few days ago... :P
Raylenna: You're in a game that I fell in love with earlier, tveye. The xylophone one, awesome job! I shoulda recognized you sooner. ;)
Raylenna: Also, just to be a bit nosy. Where in Missouri are you from? I live in Missouri, too! I'm up around Columbia.
Elincello: Welcome, Tveye! Drawception kinda really likes you too, I think :)
surasshu: Hurray for tveye!
tveye: @Raylenna: Springfield. Or as I like to call it...Springfield. @Elincello: Tell me about it, is it normal to go up 38 levels in less than a week? lol
ShuGGaH: Only for someone awesome, like you. C:
Yesmouse: its extremely nice to have you on board!