in the book: Art Dump

on: 2013-04-19 04:28:24

chevic: And I love you little talking squee squee :]
chevic: Tender Shuggah, this time I really am back to DC, it's for real. But do as you want. Sorry for not going back after asking you to that other time. But do as you like ;)
ShuGGaH: Oh god, why are you looking at my old horrible mouse drawn panels? 8D Mhm I'm not too active on DC. I feel like I got worse in speed doodling.
chevic: Ha ha! You sure took it to a new level! But it's allways fun to look at the old shit we once drew. At least the pose and expression there are good. Don't be hard towards old drawings. I love looking at my horyfying old shit. I bought a set of DVDs by Don Bluth teaching how to draw, he draws one daughter of Mrs Brisby, I tryed to follow him and the result looked like a crack addicted mouse waving at you to offer you drugs ha ha the result had me thinking "call the police!". Among them, sometimes, there is a pearl that reminds me "ha yes, I drew this, wow I had imagination back then" ha ha Also, are you kidding me? Your drawing level and color management is much better than the average vetplayer. That panel with the androgynous guy from harvest moon looks neat. Look at the shit I draw, sometimes I end up with a good one but I ner finish most of them in time and my lines are all squiggly. It's up to you but you really don't have to worry ;) I have like 18 drawings waiting there.
ShuGGaH: Dang, I'd love to see your crack addict, drug offering mouse. Well sure, there are some of my old mouse panels I like. Like the explosion one from Let's play NES or the Alfred E Neumann one lol. Just this one doesn't really belong to them. ugh. :B And the DC panel you mean.. (I wish someone with a bit more creativity would have captioned it.) I think I spend all 10 minutes on it.. I didn't quite like the result.. but it's true.. Some of my art may look better to others than to me, cause they don't know the picture I had in my head while I was drawing it.. and how much it doesn't look like I had it originally in mind. 8D I sometimes need to much time to think of a proper scenario for DC panels.. Also I'm slow at drawing. 8P 10 minutes are too less.. and I'm as good as out of coins to buy boni.
chevic: I don't have it anymore, it was 5 years ago and I threw it away, but I remember it well. I am going to draw her in the doodle book. Yes, these two were great despite the use of a mouse. Yes, the caption really is clueless. There is not that much of vet players that put full 10 minuts efforts in their drawings. there is no need for everyone to draw like a master but some users simply draw total shit. Or they draw a figure and write down the rest because they don't want to draw it. There is no need to plan a scenario for DC panels, I think, since it will most likely evolve into something different with a possibility that some of the stuff remains. Don't buy bonus times. It's not worth it, in my opinion. With the price of two, you can create three vet games. And if you bought even the minimum of coins, 25 for just 5 dollars (I used remaining money on my paypal I got from those shitty animated avitars I sold on whirled) then it unlocks the free draw first mode. You can create non vet games drawing first and draw first vet games only cost you 2 coins. It's better deal to draw what you want with a bit less details. That panel I talked about is flawless anyway. I wonder what else yo uhad in mind that you could implement. Also, Everyone struggles drawing what they have in mind. You have got to make tries. If you want it to look good in a DC panel, draw it somewhere else first and draw your DC panel after your drawing. That's what I did for that game with you beeing chased by a maniac hunter :D oh and look at this, I was almost certain it was a caption by you but like every real names, other characters and people can have it
ShuGGaH: Well I don't have a pay pal or any other possibility to pay anything online. (I don't even really have an own bank account yet.. 8U) So no free draw firsts for me. And haha, omg. I got that "Elvira" caption yesterday while skipping through and wanted to draw the one from Looney toons. (However, I gave up, cause too complex to me for 10min, meh) Lol, now I'm glad I skipped it. :B Your panel of her looks awesome. :D But, I doubt anyone on DC except you knows any of my characters, so I myself wouldn't draw them.. if not for a draw first. 8) After all those character insertion drama recently.. you know.
chevic: Yes, I have read very few about it. I don't know to what extent it's that bad. Recently, there have been a lot of Snufkin (the user) and Ad88388 and their newborn baby. But I agree inserting an OC when not expected is anti game.