in the book: Pretty Girls :D

on: 2013-03-29 12:36:07

juano: aw man! i really should refresh the page before hitting submit
Sdfsg: Oops.. my panel looks really unnecessary now.. I don't have much experience with comics -u- I'm not good with the flow and arrangements :c
Raylenna: Don't worry, Sdfsg. There are two types of Books, Free For All and Sequential. In Free For All Books, many people could be working on a panel at the same time. In Sequential Books, you'll get one at a time. Or at least this is what I understand. This Book is Free For All, but ended up Sequential in a Free For All.
Sdfsg: What I meant was I wasn't good with the story flow and arrangements in my panel. I don't know how to put it any other way, my English is not that good. My panels only correspond to its previous panel, as I don't know how to generate the story from there.
Raylenna: Oh, I see. I'm not really that great with the flow of comics, either. I just stick with Free For All type panels. Maybe someday I'll feel like I can progress a story...someday... ;)
Sdfsg: Someday :3 me too..