in the book: Building windows

on: 2013-03-20 16:24:55

surasshu: Daaamn if I had my artpad I'd do a row of windows too, this is too cool!
nasty: Awesome idea!:)
Raylenna: I'm with nasty, love this idea for a book. Well done! =D
vigorousjammer: I've been trying to figure out how to do hatching like that. In other programs I'd normally zoom in for any of that kind of stuff, but zooming in here just turns everything into a pixelated mess. I'm curious, how do you get your lines to be so thin without losing quality?
Ronzy: Awww thank you guys :'D And @vigorousjammer, to answer your question: I simply go fast enough for the lines to be straight. You know like you would do it with pencil on paper. Hatching for me is like incomplete/fast coloring of an area I don't think it too much. Hope that was helpful XD
Ronzy: and @surasshu draw with a mouse if you have to :O
Yesmouse: beautiful.
vigorousjammer: @Ronzy: I'm not sure if it's my tablet or what, but any time I go too fast, I end up getting a dot at the beginning of my line. I might have to get a new tablet, or maybe I just have to mess with my settings. Thanks for the advice, though. :)
Mugsi: Sick! That's amazing! Your idea too! I love all the panels in this book so far! Admittedly though, I am rather intimidated, haha
Dasyati: @vigorousjammer If you put your hatching on a separate layer you can start your hatching lines outside of whatever it is you're shading and then erase the excess... that way that little dot won't be there at all.
Raphiedee: EXCELLENT idea really!