in the book: Diplomacy

on: 2013-03-12 13:54:23

Joekie: Haha brilliant! ^^
chevic: Hey guys, I have a lot of ideas for this comic, but I don't want to steal others the opportunity to design a character. I allready designed 2 and a half (that half would be the king's clothes). I ask because I love this comic but it is not followed up much. I was thinking of bringing other ambassadors, the queen, the prince/princess, and public humuliation, duels, swashbuckling type action, people swinging on chandeliers and going trhough windows. What do you chaps think? Vvivit? Juano?
Joekie: Hey I love this book too and I'm glad you revived it. Although I'm mainly in it because I love to draw dancing/dancers. ^^ Feel free to add whatever characters you want. I'll try to go with the flow.
VIVIT_rv00: Swinging on chandeliers? You have already convinced me. I'm taking a backseat currently because I want to see where Diplomacy goes without me. Also, because I'm out of ideas right now. But if I see an opportunity to crack a cheap joke or come up with an idea to steer the comic in an awesome direction... I'll take it like you wouldn't believe. That's what jam comics are about, right? Rolling with whatever the others do, and having fun!
chevic: I feel bad of taking from others the occasion to create characters and situations. Do I understand you pause because you too want to give new players a chance in this comic? But if I convinced you I will go on. Maybe I worry too much :/
VIVIT_rv00: As the creator of this comic, I hereby grant you permission to JUST GET ON WITH IT DAMNIT AND DO WHAT YOU WANT. Don't deny yourself the opportunity.
chevic: ha ha, very well, sire. I will try not to be unworthy of that privilege and honor xD