in the book: The awesome adventures of Rudy the Flying squirel

on: 2013-02-20 21:49:14

michaeljpatrick: He forgot how to fly for a second there!
michaeljpatrick: What the? I must have turned off one my layers by accident. Well, pretend there were beautifully rendered grass tufts sticking out over the cliff.
Raylenna: Stupid layers, I have issues with them myself sometimes. And oh yeah... he's a bird, he does know how to He was so upset that he forgot? Or maybe he'll just save himself in the next panel, or Rudy can come swooping in and be like hey, you have wings dummy.
Xrott: It's only a small distance between the top and the ledge with the flower anyway, so I'd say that he was surprised by his fall and now doesn't have enough time to react until he crashes onto the ledge.