drawing Features

Wacom Pen Pressure

I really wanted my friends to enjoy using this, and I know that would not be possible without Wacom support. By installing Wacom’s web browser plugin you can unlock the true power of pressure sensitivity!

make mistakes Undo

It is not as robust as Photoshop, you only get one undo. But at least you still have the safety of ctrl+z. We are working on improving this so you will be able to make lots of mistakes.

Order your Layers

Reorganize the way your drawing layers appear by dragging them around. You can put a wizard in front of a cat, or a cat in front of a wizard. The possibilities are endless!

Hide Layers not feelings

Hiding layers is super effective for working on backgrounds, and for removing sketches you have been drawing on top of.

set the mood with Color Palettes

Unify the colors for your comic by selecting a color palette when you create a book. This will decide what colors show up on the artists palette. However, artists are not restricted to only colors on the palette, they are still allowed to choose any color using the color picker.