I'd never thought making comics could be a group activity. For me it was a very solitary pursuit. That changed when I went to my first comic convention and met other comic book artists. We started drawing comics together - passing a communal page back and forth to each other, filling in one panel at a time. The stories we made were silly and nonsensical, but we were making each other laugh. We inspired each other to take risks and be more creative with what we drew. It was magic.

I wanted that feeling to last longer than just a comic convention.

What is We Draw Comics?

We Draw Comics is a way to make stories with friends through a series of comic panels. Read a story that your friends made, then draw your own panel and add to the story. Think of it as a playground for comics.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It's free. We don't even have advertisements on the site, though we currently are receiving support for hosting fees from Topatoco. They are wonderful, wonderful people and you should go buy a t-shirt or book from their site.

Wait wait wait, is this just Draw Something?

No, it is not Draw Something.

I have a technical problem I need resolved, who do I contact?

Please contact me at wedrawcomics-AT-gmail-DOT-com or submit a problem using the feedback form. We Draw Comics is still in BETA so technical problems are very likely to occur. Chances are that we do not know these problems exist, so please speak up and tell us about what is bothering you.

Who made those handsome illustrations on the front page?

The wonderfully talented and equally handsome Jeremy Sorese.

Who can see my drawings?

Currently, any comics or drawings you post are publicly viewable by everyone. However, one day we'd like to allow users to create private books that are only viewable by invited friends.

When are you going to make an app for iOS, Android, Blackberry etc?

Not yet, these things take time and I am just one person! I would love to make a mobile app for this site, I just need more time, money, or people.

It would be really awesome if the site had feature X?

That sounds awesome! Please consider writing these ideas down in the feedback box or emailing them to wedrawcomics-AT-gmail-DOT-com

I am having trouble getting Wacom drivers to work?

Have you tried turning it off and on again? But seriously this helps. Try restarting your browser or re-installing the plugin. When you install the plugin close all of your web browsers (including Chrome).