Take a look at some of the major bugs that Tyler is working on. You may also see some frequently requested features in this list that Tyler will be working on. Each task has a tiny gray number (1-5) next to it. This is the priority level of the task. Level 5 priority tasks are what Tyler will work on first.

Dangerous Delete Layer Button 5

If you hold down the delete layer button it continues to delete layers. After the delete layer is clicked it should no longer delete layers until it is unpressed.

Paint Bucket Freeze 5

For some users, using the paint bucket multiple times in quick succession can cause the browser to stop responding. This seems to be caused by a memory leak. To avoid this problem, please close all other tabs in your web browser

Tiny Brush Size 5

For some users, visiting another tab while drawing causes the Wacom plugin to crash. This will cause the size of the brush to permanently decrease. It will also cause strokes to become very jagged and choppy. If you are experiencing this problem please contact me, I am having trouble replicating the issue and any information you have could be helpful.

Search for Books by name. 4

Add a search bar feature to the explore section that will allow users to find books by title.

Twitter default settings 4

The 'Tweet it' box is checked yes by default for every user. But some users may not want to always tweet their comics panels. Create a setting that allows a users to decide the default settings for the 'Tweet it' box.

Save Image Drafts 4

Resolved : 2012-10-05 07:33:12

Sometimes browsers crash and accidents happen. Especially in a beta test. It would be awesome if the browser could save a users drawing in local storage and reload it for them later.

Zoom in feature 3

Resolved : 2012-10-09 10:14:28

When a users presses ctrl +/- and attempts to use a browsers zoom features the mouse cursor becomes offset.

View who has liked a panel 3

There is currently no way to see who has liked your panels except to scroll through the dashboard.

Eyedropper selecting colors from non-visible layers 3

If you have an invisible layer and use the eyedropper tool on top of it. The eyedropper will still select colors that are on the invisible layer.

Add Hearts 3

There is no way to add hearts to a panel when viewing just the panel. There should be a way to heart a panel from its page.

Email Alerts 3

I am getting a lot of requests for an email option that will alert users when a panel has been added to any of the books that they started. This sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

Delete Panels 2

I was originally hesitant to include this feature because I was afraid people might ruin a jam if they delete a panel after other people have drawn in the jam. However, I think it would be a good idea to allow a user to delete their panels if no one else has started drawing a new panel yet.

Separate Sizes for Pen and Eraser 1

This is not a bug, but a feature that has been requested. It is a great idea and I will be implementing it soon. Currently the size selection of your pen is shared with the size selection of the eraser. Most people want their eraser to be larger than their pen so it is easier to clean up mistakes. Having to constantly adjust the size of your eraser and brush is not fun.

Hot Keys 1

Resolved : 2012-10-09 10:14:04

Add 'b' and 'e' as hot key for the brush and eraser tools.

Color Picker not changing for Eyedropper 0

Resolved : 2012-08-24 00:00:00

If you use the eyedropper to select a color, the position of color picker does not update to the new color. The swatch color updates properly, but position of the reticle on the color selection map stays on the point of the previous color.

Firefox Paint Bucket Bug 0

Resolved : 2012-09-20 16:36:48

On certain versions of Windows 7 the paint bucket tool is filling in with a transparent color. Sometimes it will stall while trying to fill a certain color and crash the browser. If this is happening to you please contact us via feedback, we would love your help in solving this bug. This bug was being caused by Firefoxes use of sub-pixel coordinates. It is amazing the amount of damage a tiny little decimal can do.